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Gain Margin Design Service

Sufficient gain margin in oscillator is the key to reliable circuit design. However, most engineers do not have the time to catch up with the ever changing requirement of crystal oscillator design. Hong Kong X’tals (HKC) offers FREE crystal matching service (limited time)

Applications that require more attention in gain margin

  • RF communication products, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, RKE, TPMS
  • Safety and live concerned products, such as Airbag, ABS
  • Hi-Rel products that target at Zero (or low) defective parts per million, such as Automotive applications
IC Brand IC Number HKC Series Package Size Freq CL(pF) Typical Application Ordering Code Question
Renesas R5F10 (RL78/F10) CE 5032 Ceramic SMD-2 8 MHz 6 Automotive Cluster 5032M0800AL3A question
Renesas R5F11BGCAFB#50 2T 2×6 Cylinder 32.768 KHz 12.5 General 2060K3276ALCN question
Renesas R7F0C001G 9S HC49US Thru-hole 8 MHz 8 Automotive Cluster 9S00M0800AL3C question
Renesas R7F0C001G2DFB 2T 2×6 Cylinder 32.768 KHz 6 SoC/MCU 2060K3276ALBA question
Renesas R7F7010023AFP SS HC49US SMD-2 16 MHz 8 Telecommunication SS00M1600ALAC question
Renesas R7F7010174 C7 3225 Ceramic SMD-4 16 MHz 6 SoC/MCU 3225M1600ALBA question
Renesas R7F7010234 C7 3225 Ceramic SMD-4 16 MHz 10 SoC/MCU 3225M1600ALBE question
Renesas RH850/F1L C7 3225 Ceramic SMD-4 16 MHz 10 Automotive Cluster 3225M1600AL3E question