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1983 Established parent company “ Kolinker Industrial Equipments Limited” – commenced business on crystal testing & measurement equipment
1989 No. 1 Crystal Factory began production of metal can crystals in Shenzhen
1991 “Hong Kong X’tals Limited” (HKC) established
1992 No. 2 Crystal Factory established in Shandong
1997 No. 1 Crystal Factory (Shenzhen) certified by SGS to ISO9002: 1994
1999 No. 2 Crystal Factory (Shandong) certified by SGS to ISO 9002: 1994
No. 1 Crystal Factory (Shenzhen) certified by SGS to QS9000; production of metal can crystals for automotive airbag application began
2000 Commenced production of ceramic SMD crystals
2000 “Hong Kong Automotive X’tals Ltd” (HKA) established
2001 No. 3 Crystal Factory established in Qingdao
2002 No. 4 Crystal Factory established in Fujian
2003 HKA & No.1 Crystal Factory certified by SGS to ISO/TS16949
2004 No.1 Crystal Factory started production of SMD crystal for automotive airbag application
2005 No.1 Crystal Factory started to produce SMD crystal for automotive TPMS application
Achieved ROHS and Lead Free certification for ALL production lines
2007 No. 1 Crystal factory moved to Shenzhen Futian Tax Bonded Zone
2008 Oracle EBS went online for improving order and production processing
2010 No. 1 & No. 2 Crystal Factory certified by SGS to ISO 14000: 2004
2011 No.1 Crystal Factory certified by SGS to OHSAS 18001: 2007
2014 Planning for new factory project at Huizhou commenced (land and production facilities 4+ times larger than existing No.1 Crystal Factory)
2015~2016 Construction works commenced at Huizhou
2016~Q1 2017 Consolidating Factory No.1, 3 & 4 to Huizhou
2018 Increased capacity of ceramic SMD crystals especially small size from 3.2*2.5mm onwards
2018~2019 GPSDO for broadcast base stations and wireless communication systems — 5G demo unit was ready
2019 Focus on developing high frequency oscillators especially for application in autonomous driving
2019 Awarded The 2019 Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Equipment and Machinery Design Award.
Awarded product: GNSS Disciplined Oscillator.
2024 HKC PRC plant obtained Laboratory Accreditation Certificate (Registration No. : CNAS L20460) from China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS)


Chairman and CEO, Mr Arthur Lee established the parent company, Kolinker Industrial Equipments, Ltd. in 1983. The main strategic focus was on designing and producing quartz crystal equipment. The motto of the company is to act as a CORE of various up-to-date high technologies and to LINK these technologies to specific fields of industry: the CORE-LINKER, hence KOLINKER.

By 1989, the Group diversified into the quartz crystal manufacturing and trading and Hong Kong X’tals Ltd was formed in 1991. The global brand “HKC” has since gained wide recognition in global automotive, electronic networking and industrial/consumer electronic appliances industries. All the production plants at Zibo, Qingdao and Shenzhen in China are endowed with QS9000 and TS16949 certification.

Besides global recognition for its products, the Group has twice received industrial grand awards — “the Hong Kong Award for Industry – Machinery and Equipment Design Grand Award” (2002) for the KH6800 Automatic Final Frequency Adjustment System, and “Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Machinery and Machine Tools Design Grand Award” (2011) for the KH2000 Ion Etching System.

One of our important technical publications “Direct Impedance Method for Load Resonant Measurement of Crystal” was presented in the Piezoelectric Device Conference & Exhibition, USA in 1999. It has been recognized as the de facto standard in the quartz industry since its publication.