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Application Notes

Application Notes

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ANENG-XTL-0008v1.4 1.4 Tuning Fork (Cylinder Type) Handling Precaution.
ANENG-XTL-0010v1.4 1.4 Crystal Handling Precautions.
ANENG-XTL-0010Hv1.2 1.2 Hybrid Type Crystal Handling Precautions.
ANENG-XTL-0011v1.4 1.4 Negative Resistance Measurement for Crystal Oscillator.
ANENG-XTL-0012v1.1 1.1 Load Capacitance Measurement for Crystal Oscillator.
ANENG-XTL-0013v1.4 1.4 Drive Level Measurement for Crystal Oscillator.
ANENG-EQP-000 This paper addresses how and why the Direct Impedance Method is better than the other measurement methods such as Physical Load Capacitor method.
ANENG-XTL-000 Introduce to design engineers, the consideration on writing crystal specification from application and reliability aspects.
ANENG-XTL-0002v1.2 1.2 Interpretation of Load Capacitance (CL) and Room Temperature Tolerance of Crystals
ANENG-XTL-0003v1.1 1.1 Crystal application in VCO – Voltage Controlled Oscillator ( Trimming Sensitivity of Crystal at Fs and FL )
ANENG-XTL-0004v2.0 2 Sleeping Crystals and DLD ( Drive Level Dependency )
ANENG-XTL-0005v0.0 Application Note On improving Infineon IC TDA52xx family
ANENG-XTL-0006v1.1 1.1 Suggestion – In Coming Quality Control (IQC) procedure for Crystals
ANENG-XTL-0007v0.0 0 Ideas for mounting HC49U crystals in high shock application
ANENG-XTL-0009v2.0 2 Comparison between Cylindrical type AT cut crystals with HC49US Standard Low profile and HC49USS Super Low Low profile crystals