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Application Notes

Application Notes

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ANENG-XTL-0008v1.4 1.4 Tuning Fork (Cylinder Type) Handling Precaution.
ANENG-XTL-0010v1.4 1.4 Crystal Handling Precautions.
ANENG-XTL-0010Hv1.2 1.2 Hybrid Type Crystal Handling Precautions.
ANENG-XTL-0011v1.4 1.4 Negative Resistance Measurement for Crystal Oscillator.
ANENG-XTL-0012v1.1 1.1 Load Capacitance Measurement for Crystal Oscillator.
ANENG-XTL-0013v1.4 1.4 Drive Level Measurement for Crystal Oscillator.
ANENG-EQP-000 This paper addresses how and why the Direct Impedance Method is better than the other measurement methods such as Physical Load Capacitor method.
ANENG-ODP-000 Oscillator Design Pitfall & Reliability Consideration for IC Designers – Lay out
(Quartz Crystals can be found easily in any electronic products nowadays. They are apparently easy to use but in fact many electronic engineers found difficulties when high precision and high reliability are required. IC Designers are welcome to contact us for organizing a seminar in person or by video – we will present the mysteries behind and precautions for properly using a quartz crystal)
ANENG-XTL-000 Introduce to design engineers, the consideration on writing crystal specification from application and reliability aspects.
ANENG-XTL-0002v1.2 1.2 Interpretation of Load Capacitance (CL) and Room Temperature Tolerance of Crystals
ANENG-XTL-0003v1.1 1.1 Crystal application in VCO – Voltage Controlled Oscillator ( Trimming Sensitivity of Crystal at Fs and FL )
ANENG-XTL-0004v2.0 2 Sleeping Crystals and DLD ( Drive Level Dependency )
ANENG-XTL-0005v0.0 Application Note On improving Infineon IC TDA52xx family
ANENG-XTL-0006v1.1 1.1 Suggestion – In Coming Quality Control (IQC) procedure for Crystals
ANENG-XTL-0007v0.0 0 Ideas for mounting HC49U crystals in high shock application
ANENG-XTL-0009v2.0 2 Comparison between Cylindrical type AT cut crystals with HC49US Standard Low profile and HC49USS Super Low Low profile crystals