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A Better World through our Innovative and Quality Piezoelectric and Electronic Products.
.Best product , best brand name
.Profitable, sustainable
.Happy customer, happy staff
.Green and contributory to the community
.Quality of a product should include its RELIABILITY
.Quality of service should include prompt & accurate DELIVERY, and PROMPT RESPONSE to CUSTOMERS
.COST CUTTING is achieved by continual improving process yield and work efficiency
Kolinker was established in 1983 to manufacture test and measurement equipment for the quartz crystals industry. The motto of the company is to act as a CORE of various up-to-date high technologies and to LINK these technologies to specific fields of industry: the CORE-LINKER, KOLINKER. Through our continuous investment in R&D, we have successfully developed a series of high quality and innovative crystal test equipment and among them 6 won the Industrial Award of Hong Kong - Equipment Design. Kolinker has research papers presented in world frequency control products symposium and conferences. Kolinker is a world class, reputable and well known name in the industry today and you can find Kolinker equipment in almost all the crystal manufacturers in the world. For more details, please visit www.kolinker.com.
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